Westwood Cinderella


A Buddhist Wedding, Christian Baptism, and a Jewish Funeral

by Elizabeth Stephens


Bebs and David celebrating on the Day of the Wedding in Israel.

 1.0    Auslander Up!
 2.0    Meet David
 3.0    Introducing my Mother the Brave and Beautiful Bebs
 4. 0   Helen and David’s Rendezvous in Tel Aviv
 5.0    I Got the Message


Elizabeth Lascar born in Los Angeles.

6.0 I Named You After Queen Elizabeth

7.0 Bebs Premature Adieu

8.0 Blackout~The Fairytale Abruptly Ends  

 9.0  Invisible Children

10.0 No Hopskotch, No Curls Child! Big Brother is Watching You!

11.0 Toilet Talk and Bath Time Torchure

12.0 Junior’s Deli It Was Not, Nasty Food It Was

13.0 Outcastes at the Ice Show

14.0 TV Dinners, Sunday at the Movies, and I Still Hate Baby Ruth Bars

15.0 An Uneasy Alliance with My Sis Living in a Parallel Universe

16.0 Say the Magic Word



A Young Buddhist Radical living in West LA.


17.0  Free at Last! 

18.0  Kibbutz, Kosher Kitchens, Masada and a Pilgrimage to Mount Fuji

19.0 Stockholm Syndrome, Baloney Sandwiches and Sunday at the Movies

20.0 Angel Corps, the Big Apple and Study Exams

James and I at his 10 year reunion at James Monroe High School.

21.0  Do You Have My Copy of Human Revolution, Still?

22.0 The Wicked Stepmother’s Last Bite

23.0 Are You Kidding? Tracy Shiffman Designed Your Wedding Invitations?

24.0 A Perfect Day for Our Buddhist Wedding

25.0 Flowers from Heaven

26.0 Hawaiian Leis, the Hustle and Wedding Cake in Pacific Palisades

27.0  Do You Want an Unbloody Lip or a Baby?”

28.0  The Accident Report Read, “Act of God”



James and I being baptized in the Pacific Ocean by Pastor Clarence in October 1984 in Santa Monica, California.


     29.0  Goal to Be First Buddhist Amway Diamonds

     30.0 Christian Enlightenment
     31.0 Baptism, Christian Wedding and the Pursuit of God
     32.0  The Witch’s Hat

33.0  Out of the Blue
     34.0 An Awkward Reunion


35.0 A Jewish Funeral



About James and Elizabeth Stephenshttp://www.worldviews101.comJames and Elizabeth Stephens presently live in Southern California and have been married since 1978. In 1999, James completed a MA in Intercultural Studies specializing in Leadership Development and in 2010 Elizabeth completed an Associate in Science in Business Information Technology.

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