37.0 The Next Chapter

It was a very busy time after Selma died. Raising a family, going to school, moving, traveling, and working. David would come over to our Pasadena residence on Sundays for many months. He would sit on on porch, and visit and hold court. David would go head to head with James about Christianity and when he knew he couldn’t win he would leave.

David was a very sad man and lonely too. He married for the third time to a lady from the Philippines. He would say, he doesn’t divorce them, he buries them.

Apparently, David had written about his early days and his time during the war from an organization that collected survivor testimonies that paid him $500. I have since tried to locate the paperwork without success and have not learned the name of the organization. Though David did not want to talk about his war experiences to us, now the family has many unanswered questions and the older relatives do not have much to say either. It is amazing for me to realize my father was in a concentration/work camp and I am one generation removed from hell, yet how near it can be again.

David became sick and was very close to death. When he was in delirium he would say, get the children, grab as many as you can to save them from the ovens. We were called and told David passed away and there was a wake the next day. All the resources, were taken by David’s new family and they disappeared.

James & I  have continued to work in Christian ministry and have gone through many situation that would need to have their own books written. Some have asked us why we are still Christian. Our reply is, we follow the Lord not man.

We have now been married 40 years and we are looking to the next 40 and walking into the rapture together. Praise the Lord!